How Can DiveStack Help You?

Think of a sets of lego blocks. Choose the colour and size. We'll make a nice shape out of it.

Just Pick. No Research.

DiveStack is a platform for divers to pick and choose desired dive locations, dive types, themes, courses and certifications. 

DiveStack will build your own stack of dive trip, tailored just for you.

No hassle researching how to get to these amazing exhotic dive sites. No hassle negotiating prices. Leave that to us. Pack your dive gear. 

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Customised Itinerary.

Already have a destination or a goal in mind? You can select one or multiple that you are considering. 

Komodo Islands, El Nido, Whale Sharks, Wreck Dive, Night Dive - You name it. 

No idea where or what yet? No problem, DiveStack will match the perfect destination according to your Goal and other options such as the number of days, travel method preferences. 

For beginners, DiveStack has tons of options laid out for you from Trial Scuba Dive to Open Water Diver Certificate.

Designated DiveStack Pro and Dive Master

DiveStack's customers are allocated with a designated DiveStack Pro to design your trip stack. Once your trip is set, DiveStack also allocated a Dive Master so that you know who will be guiding you throughout your adventure!
DiveStack is now our go-to dive trip consultant. They set you up with great dive spots in multiple locations, and we love our divemaster Junhao! Getting rid of the price negotiation and being able to customise my trips instead of pre-packaged ones are the top perks of using DiveStack.

Jason & Lisa

DiveStack Scuba Diving Customer Testimonial