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What to do when travelling with a non-diver in Southeast Asia

Jul 9, 2017 3:26:40 AM / by ashfromseoul

So you have a trip to Southeast Asia with family or friends coming up. And the destination happens to have great dive sites - lucky you!

But it so happens that none of your travel buddies and family members can dive and you don't want to leave them hanging while you go and enjoy your thing either. Should you give up your opportunity to dive during your travels and make it more memorable? Absolutely not!

You can have both of best world by arranging your own DIY trip - one boat for the travel crew with different activities scheduled within. Depending on your family and friend’s preference, you can arrange a leisure dive for yourself and snorkelling, trial scuba diving or fishing at the same time.


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Snorkelling is easily an activity widely enjoyed across any generation – from kids to your grandparents. It's easy, safe, not costly and most importantly, FUN!

Trial Scuba Diving

Trial Scuba Diving Southeast Asia

One can still have a glimpse of what scuba diving feels like before getting an Open Water certification. Trial scuba diving often engages 2-3 dives with safety and basic 5 skill instructions, as well as direct supervision by a dive master.

If your friend or family member is open to the idea of trying out scuba diving, this is my go-to suggestion. I did the same for my recent trip in Kota Kinabalu, and it was so much fun having my friend try out diving with me, instead of doing it alone and having her stay on the beach.



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As you might imagine, Southeast Asia is not only an ideal destination for underwater diving but also fishing, thanks to its abundant marine life. Many of great dive sites also include good fishing spots – including Tioman, Bali, Langkawi, Sabah and Maldives. While you enjoy the deep marine life, why not have your travel companions enjoy the marine life on the ocean surface?

Liveaboard Boats

Feel more like chilling under the sun? Having a liveaboard boat such as Nautica for family and friends crew sounds like an idea. Liveaboards are especially great if you have a longer period of travel in mind, as the boats roam around the ocean for 3 or more days and the crew members can eat, sleep, drink and enjoy everything on the boat, including scuba diving.

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Especially when travelling with more number of people and people with different preferences, having these tailored options help to enhance your overall travel experience. Not only that, your friends and family will love you for preparing such a cool trip ;)

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Sounds like a plan? Or not sure where to start?

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Written by ashfromseoul

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