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3 Big Wins to Enhance Your Scuba Diving Experience by 200%

Jul 12, 2017 4:16:55 AM / by ashfromseoul

All diving experience are priceless and we love it. On a more practical note, it is also true and not really a secret that diving is an expensive hobby. Trips, transportation and all the equipment can be quite an investment. So we thought we'd just tip you off with quick wins to get 200% (or more!) out of your dive trip.

TL;DR: Be safe, Engage with divemaster/instructors and your buddy, and have a personalised dive experience. 

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Read further for quick wins to have better scuba diving experience with Mickey!

Customised itinerary

Group settings are great for beginners because it certainly gives you a sense of more safety and stability. When it comes to more experienced divers and leisure dive trips however, having the customised itinerary of dives is a great way to level up the quality of these trips. Especially for Southeast Asia where you have so many little islands to navigate around instead of one large dive spot, you really want a tailored plan so you can cover as many as possible through that period.

Here are just two of many reasons why you should totally consider personalised diving trip plans.

1. You don't follow a group of people underwater and only get to watch their bums instead of actual marine lives.

2. Most group tours are catered to similar dive spots and relatively easier spots since they need to cater to people of different levels and preference.

 DIY Scuba Diving Itinerary Planner Template

Dedicated Dive Master

Dive masters are awesome when it comes to leading and safeguarding you underwater. PADI or SSI Certified Dive Masters are great at leading the group for a successful dive. But they do need to cater to usually more than 5, up to 12+ divers at once. So you know what's even better? Having a 1:1 or 2:1 dedicated dive master to take you to all the jewels underwater. They're almost like your GPS. Dive masters really know where to look for the greatest creatures you can find on that dive spot. Depending on situations, you can ask them to take you underwater pictures or join them in a GoPro video as well.

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Acknowledging Personal Preference and Comfort Level

We can't stress this point enough. Before going below 18m underwater or seeing the greatest creatures you can find there, the most important factor to make most of your dive experience is to know your and your dive buddy's experience level. Acknowledging personal preference level and comfort level is key to ensuring dive safety. People say 'get out of your comfort zone' but this shouldn't apply to scuba diving. You should certainly aim for skill improvements but by one step at a time.

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Knowing your comfort level also links to many items within the dive preparation stage such as, choosing a dive gear that you are familiar with, planning the dive depth and time length, taking time adjusting underwater to make sure you don't have equalisation or water entry problems.


Making sure that you consider these before planning your dive trip, and consulting with the right partners and mentors will ensure that you get more than 200% happiness out of your dive. 

You can also consult with DiveStack to find out which dive spot is appropriate for your level, and how to have a dedicated and customised dive trip planned just for you.

 Scuba Diving Trip Free Consultation

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Written by ashfromseoul

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