About DiveStack

What is DiveStack?

DiveStack is a platform for divers to pick and choose desired dive locations, dive types, themes, courses and certifications. 

DiveStack will build your own stack of dive trip, tailored just for you.

No hassle researching how to get to these amazing exhotic dive sites. No hassle negotiating prices. Leave that to us. Pack your dive gear. 


DiveStack Team

DiveStack has teams of DiveStack Pros and DiveMasters to help along the way. 

DiveStack Pros design the perfect stack of dive trip upon receiving your Dive Trip Form and consultation. 

  • The first consultation is free
  • Make your decision after DiveStack consultation and receiving the quotation. 

DiveMasters are allocated for you prior to your dive trip, so you know who will be your guide underwater. 

  • Ask questions about the dive site and experience before going.
  • Already a DiveStack customer and have your favourite DiveMaster? Tell us and you will travel with the DiveMaster of your choice.

Why DiveStack?

Best Choice for Your Scuba Diving Trip in Southeast Asia

We know what it's like to research and book dive trips in Southeast Asia. Multiple islands to get to, transportation and accommodation, different travel vendors per location, worrying whether you're getting ripped off - it's not fun, we've been there. 

That's why DiveStack provides a one-stop shop where you just let us know what you want, and leave the rest to us. 

  • One-stop shop for multiple destination trips and courses
  • Transparent quotes
  • No hassle researching how to get to individual dive sites
  • No hassle negotiating prices with non-transparent local vendors 
DiveStack pros really helped my entire dive trip to be aligned with what I was looking for. All I needed to do was tell them what I want (literally just tell them). DiveStack came back with the completed itinerary that was perfect for me. Can't wait to build my next trip with DiveStack.

Lilian Goodman SSI Advanced Diver

scuba diving team shot.jpg
SSI Diver, DiveStack

Ashley Kim


Welcome to DiveStack. Scuba diving is my passion, and I would love to share the great experience with as many divers as possible. Before we "dive" in, here are some few quick facts about me.

  • SSI certified Dive Instructor since 2011
  • Southeast Asia Free Dive Champion 
  • Founder of Woman@Dive Singapore 
  • Co-author of underwater photography book "Blue Eyes"

Would you believe it actuallly took me just one year to start from a 21 year old who didn't know how to swim to become a dive instructor within 12 months? Same as many of you here, I was so captured by the underwater, I decided to take my full time career to this field. 

With much luck, I now have a team of dive instructors and travel managers (our amazing DiveStack Pros!) with so much knowledge and expertise on Southeast Asian dive sites including logistics and everything that goes along with it.

The deep blue sea and its many creations are truly magnificant. The DiveStack team, myself included, would love to bring you to a journey that will fully indulge you. I can't wait to meet you. Pack your masks and fins, and I'll see you soon. 




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